Transforming Conflict & Building Resilient Relationships

Mel Stanford Martin
Author, Speaker, Conflict Transformation Specialist

Learning to Engage Impasse:
The Art and Challenge

Most of us are well versed in conflict, disagreement, and impasse, yet have little training in navigating such challenges. Especially within a polarized social and political climate in societies all over the world, many of our communities are fragmented.

What does it mean to build more resilient relationships across real and present differences?

What does it mean to really see each other through courageous dialogue?

The Impasse Project explores the central idea that embracing impasse, though uncomfortable, can unlock powerful opportunities. By learning to temporarily suspend our desire to resolve differences and strengthening our skills, we make space for deeper understanding and stronger relationships.

Ultimately, we can learn how to transform conflict from animosity into a productive, valuable process.

The Impasse Project is founded by Mel Stanford Martin, MDiv, communications expert and conflict transformation specialist. 

Coming soon from
Fortress Press

The Impasse Project

by Mel Stanford Martin

Forthcoming 2020

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